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Other Annual Events

Daikon Daki ( Radish Boiling )
FEB.8 - 11
Sanzen-in Temple

The ceremonial boiling of white radishes. It's believed eating radish keeps poeple healthy and safe.

  • [ Sanzen-in Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-744-2531
    Access : Kyoto Bus No. 17, 18 "Ohara"

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Hari Kuyo
Horinji Temple

This temple enshrines the deity of needle work and entertainment.
Hari Kuyo, service for old needles, is held at 1:00PM.

  • [ Horinji Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-861-0069
    Access : City Bus No.28 "Arashiyama Koen"


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Nento-Sai Festival
Kamigamo Shrine

A ceremony having been performed since Heian Period.
Pray for the good spring season to come soon.

  • [ Kamigamo-jinja Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-781-0011
    Access : From Kyoto City Subway-Karasuma-line "Kitaoji" Station,
    City Bus No.Kita3 "Misonoguchi-cho"
    City Bus No.4 "Kamigamojinja-mae"

Ceremony on field

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■ Setsubun


Setsubun means the parting of the seasons.
On February 3 (the lunar New Year), people scatter soybeans throughout their house to drive out demons and bring in good luck.
The ceremony is also held at temples and shrines.


FEB.2 - 4
Yoshida-jinja Shrine

Tsuinashiki ( Ceremony of Chase Devils ) is held from 6:00PM on Feb.2.
Karo Festival is held at 11:00PM on Feb.3, in which amulets and charms are burned in a giant central bonfire.

  • [ Yoshida Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-771-3788
    Access : City Bus No.206 "Kyodai Seimon-mae"


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Heian-jingu Shrine

Old ceremony in Heian Period style is held.
Bean-throwing starts at 3:00PM

  • [ Heian-jingu Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-761-0221
    Access : City Bus No.5 "Kyotokaikan & Bijutsukan-mae"

    Hanazono Kaikan

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FEB.2 - 3
Yasaka-jinja Shrine

Traditional dance performances and Bean-throwing are held by Geiko and Maiko girls at Gion district.
Feb.2 Ponto-cho at 1:00PM Miyagawa-cho at 3:00PM
Feb.3 Gion Kobu at 1:00PM Gion Higashi at 3:00PM

  • [ Yasaka-jinja Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-561-6155
    Access : City Bus No.206 "Gion"

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FEB. 3
Rokuharamitsuji Temple

Rokuharamitsuji Temple Japanese traditional dance,
Rokusainenbutu ,is important folk cultural assets with tradition of
1000 years.
And starts at 3:00PM.

  • [ Rokuharamitsuji Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-561-6980
    Access : City Bus No.206 "Kiyomizu-michi"


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Rozanji Temple

An unique Demon Dance performed by three devils starts at 3:00PM.

  • [ Rozanji Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-231-0355
    Access : City Bus No.17, 205 "Furitsuidaibyoin-mae"

  • KINOE Ryokan

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FEB.2 - 4
Mibu Temple

Kyogen Play is performed 8 times a day from 1:00PM on Feb.2 and 3.
( Free )

  • [ Mibu Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-841-3381
    Access : City Bus No.26 "Mibudera michi"

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Senbon-Syakado Temple

From 3:00PM kyogen comedic drama is dedicated for Buddha by famous Shigeyama group. After this, a man and a lady wearing white and red clothes comically expel demons in order to pray for happiness, prosperity and good luck in the year.

  • [ Senbon-Syakado Temple ]
  • Tel : 075-461-5973
    Access : City Bus No.50 "Kamishichiken"

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Kitano-tenmangu Shrine

Kyogen Play and Japanese traditional dance performance at 1:00PM

  • [ Kitano-tenmangu Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-461-0005
    Access : City Bus No.50 "Kitanotenmangu-mae"

    Wac Japan

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Fujinomori-jinja Shrine

Amazake (lit. sweet sake), sweet non-alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, is provided to visitors whole day. “Men of the year” (toshi-otoko, men who were born in a year with the same sign in the 12-year cycle Chinese zodiac system as the current year) scatter beans to ward off demons and traditional court music called “gagaku” and dancing are performed to dedicate to the god. Tsuina-shiki ceremony is performed from 8:00PM.

  • [ Fujinomori-jinja Shrine ]
  • Tel : 075-641-1045
    Access : Keihan railway "Sumizome" station

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